Prominent Kenyan exile Raila Odinga returned home on Jan. 28 and called on President Daniel arap Moi to set a June date for the nation's first multiparty elections in more than two decades.

Mr. Odinga, who spent most of the 1980s in detention, was given a jubilant welcome by supporters when he flew into Nairobi from Britain. Odinga spent about three months of self-imposed exile in Sweden and London. He left the east African nation secretly for medical attention after he was released from his last term of detention under the state's tough security laws for campaigning for the switch to a multiparty democracy.

He is expected to take a post in the main opposition Forum for the Restoration of Democracy. FORD was registered as a party this month after President Moi bowed to mounting international and domestic demands for pluralism and gave the go-ahead for parliament to end 22 years of one-party rule.

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