'My Girl' has value

In the article "Current Slate of Kid's Films Has Few Successes, One Dud," Dec. 30, the author criticizes the movie "My Girl."

I agree with the author's assertion that the movie was improperly marketed as a love story when it actually deals with the issue of mortality. That mistake, however, should not detract from the message of the movie for children as well as adults.

The redeeming value of "My Girl" rests in its realistic portrayal of death and the grief process - emphasizing the confusion and impact it can have on children. At the same time, the movie points out how grief can bring families closer.

The shock value of the movie is intense, but maybe that is what is needed to prompt parents and children to reappraise their perceptions and understanding of death, a topic which they encounter every day in the media.

I cannot understand how the author can praise the movie "Home Alone," whose theme, although entertaining, is violent, and then criticize "My Girl," which at the very least attempts to address a serious subject. Jennifer Green, Arlington, Texas

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