Child-care takes many forms

The editorial about declining standards for day-care centers, "Quality of Child Care," Dec. 30, is a timely warning.

However, might I correct one thing: The author points out that "9 out of 10 parents ... are satisfied with their child-care arrangements," and then continues as if the phrase "child-care arrangements" is the same as "day-care centers." It is not.

Child-care arrangements include nannies, baby sitters, and, for older children, schools.

Most parents with small children would choose to stay home full time or work part time if it were economically feasible. Alternatives such as parental leave, and tax incentives for companies to provide flexible and fewer hours for their employees, might not cost more than professional day care, and might be better in the long run for the stability of the family. N.K. O'Connor, Nanty Glo, Pa.

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