Demythologizing the 'Welfare Queen'

In the article, "Myth of the Welfare Queen," Dec. 3, the author vividly points out how destructive and false the practice of welfare scapegoating is. This practice has become all too common in the past decade of Republican presidency.The author correctly states that we need to look beyond the myth of the "parasitic poor" to find the cause of our country's financial burdens. One major area she overlooked is the bloated defense budget. Military spending is the antithesis of prosperity, as is shown by the experience of my own state. New Mexico ranks among the top five states in defense related employment, but remains one of the poorest states in terms of personal income. I wish the message of this article could reach those smug, superior types who would be the first to cast a stone at the poor. Jan Hurley, Silver City, N.M.

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