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MIDDLE EASTIsraeli followers of slain extremist politician Rabbi Meir Kahane yesterday branded the acquittal of an Egyptian-born Muslim on charges of murdering their leader as unjust and anti-Semitic. A New York jury Saturday did find El Sayyid Nosair guilty of assault, coercion, and illegal weapons possession during a gunfight with New York police in November 1990.... The Russian tricolor was hoisted over the former Soviet Embassy in Tehran yesterday, replacing the red hammer and sickle. The Iranian news agency IR NA said Tehran had been told that Russia was taking over the embassy.... The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has postponed plans to end a 53-year ban on Richard Wagner's music, which still haunts survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, while it polls subscribers about their views. UNITED STATES Southwest Bank of St. Louis said Friday it was cutting its prime lending rate to 7.0 percent from 7.5 percent. The move follows a sharp full-point cut by the Federal Reserve in the benchmark discount rate to 3.5 percent. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company in New York, a blueblood among money center banks, cut its prime lending rate a full percentage point to 6.5 percent.... The all-white old-line society organizations in New Orleans that have put on lavish Mardi Gras parades for more than a century have been ordered to integrate by 1993 or lose their parade permits. ... President Bush has ordered a review of United States intelligence-gathering to include greater focus on economic issues, natural resources, and global health problems, The New York Times reported yesterday.... Authorities evacuated about 200 people and seven were believed dead in raging flood waters Saturday as torrential rains battered central Texas.

EUROPE Last-ditch negotiations between the European Community and the US to reach a crucial agreement on farm subsidies broke down Friday, an EC official in Brussels said.... Raisa Gorbachev, still officially the former Soviet Union's first lady, has published extracts from her diary in Russian newspapers, shedding new light on the days the Gorbachevs spent isolated in their Crimean holiday home during the aborted August coup.... A crisis in Bosnia-Herzegovina has increased concerns that Yugoslavia's most volat ile republic will break up in civil war and that the Balkan country will totally collapse in bloodshed.

ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA Taiwan's ruling Nationalist Party, celebrating a landslide election victory in the first major test of its power in over four decades, was accused by the opposition of widespread vote-buying and election fraud.... The decision by the Electoral Commission in Buenos Aires to allow a right-wing party, the National Workers Party, to use the Nazi swastika as its official symbol met strong criticism from other political parties.

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