The Yugoslavia Debate Continues

In the opinion-page article "The Yugoslavia Test," Nov. 26, the author incorrectly compares the current internal conflict in Yugoslavia with the invasion of Kuwait.Although he asks the right question Will the right of a people to chose its own destiny depend on its having the armed might to repel its neighbor's predation? he refuses to see that the "democratic Croatia," along with its aspirations for autonomy, brutally suppresses rights of other nations to live in Yugoslavia. Also, the author doesn't understand that the importance of the Serbs within Yugoslavia, in which they account for almost 40 percent of the total population, cannot be neglected. The right solution to the Yugoslav crisis is not "one aircraft carrier." It should be based on peaceful negotiation among all parties involved, and it can be acheived through unbiased mediation. Miloroad S. Kovacevic, Iowa City, Iowa

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