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UNITED STATESState Attorney General Ernie Preate filed an early appeal to the US Supreme Court of a lower court ruling overturning the part of Pennsylvania's abortion control law that would force women to notify their husbands before having abortions. Planned Parenthood has also appealed the October ruling, saying the lower court upheld two other restrictions constituting "undue burdens" on women.... Connecticut's House of Representatives voted 86 to 63 to repeal the state's bitterly controversial personal income tax . The tally was 15 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to override a promised veto of the repeal bill by independent Gov. Lowell Weicker Jr. ECONOMY AND BUSINESS UAL Corporation's United Airlines won the bidding for most of Pan Am Corporation's assets Dec. 9 at the end of a day-long hearing in US bankruptcy court in New York. The airline agreed to pay $135 million for a package of Pan Am's assets, consisting mainly of routes through Latin America, and Delta Airlines will buy Pan Am's New York to Mexico City route for $25 million.... Argentina will resume negotiations with its US creditor banks in late January and it will probably increase interest arrears payment s in a matter of months, Finance Minister Domingo Cavallo said in Washington Dec. 9.... Longer commutes and the demands of day care and business are making it harder for San Franciscans to stay awake at night, so KPIX, a CBS affiliate, and KRON, an NBC affiliate, announced the starting time for their three-hour prime time slot was being moved to 7 p.m. after more than 15 years at 8 p.m.

EUROPE UN peace envoy to Yugoslavia Cyrus Vance said Dec. 9 that a major breakthrough had been made in efforts this weekend to end the civil war in Yugoslavia. Vance told Reuters that the opening of blocked military installations and an agreement to allow Yugoslav Army forces to leave Croatia without harm were the key settlement points and are already under way.... It could be a perversly warm Christmas in England this year. The IRA, which has hit almost every town and village in Northern Ireland with firebombs over the past 20 years, has reverted to using its favorite weapon on the British mainland, and police have warned shoppers to brace for a Christmas blitz.

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