Evaluating the Situation in Yugoslavia

The editorial "The Tragedy of Dubrovnik," Nov. 15, is surprising and regrettable. Dubrovnik has deep symbolic meaning for Croatians, who were denied their nationhood and their history over many centuries. To write that the plight of that city is the result of "the often-blind independence drive of Croatia" is adding insult to injury. To further suggest that the Croats intentionally "placed significant firepower in the old district, taunting the Serbs to attack and calculating the resulting local and world outcry would be worth the cost of lost treasures" is cynical. Did defenders of the Alamo also place their firepower into the Old Mission to taunt their attackers? The merciless destruction of Dubrovnik has an explanation, though. Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic knows that Serbia will never possess Dubrovnik treasure and therefore he wants to destroy it for others. Barry Brkic, Arlington,Va.

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