Television coverage of each event at Albertville is allocated to a French consortium (ORTO '92), CBS, and - in some cases - a foreign network. CBS paid $243 million for their coverage rights, $225 million above their nearest rival, the European Broadcasting Union. Images will be transmitted via satellite from the massive television central headquarters installed in the valley town of Motiers to the United States, with separate facilities for ORTO and CBS.In the case of the Courchevel ski jumps, Scandinavians will provide part of the 20-camera coverage. The Japanese (NHK) and French (Thomson) will be testing their high-definition television (HDTV) equipment at the figure-skating events. German cameras (ZDF) will be at La Plagne to follow their strong bobsled team. The Finns will be covering cross-country skiing events in Les Saisies. These television camera crews join ORTO and CBS, and are part of the 7,000 accredited members of the press who will be spread out over the Savoy during the Games. If the TV coverage brings the games to the expected 2 billion viewers without a glitch, then Jean-Claude Killy, co-president of the French Olympic Organizing Committee will be justified in his prediction: "We promised excellence, and we'll deliver excellence."

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