Possible Solutions for a Culture at Risk

Regarding the article "Scholar Sees a Culture at Risk," Nov. 5: Since the days of slavery, United States laws have effectively broken up the black family and caused black men to become like drones.The welfare system has made it possible for women to have children and be supported without being married, and has even inadvertently encouraged husbands to leave so their families will be eligible for government aid. In many cases, men have become unnecessary and ultimately irresponsible. Youngsters who grow up in homes without a father or stable father-figure - often raised by teenagers with little education, let alone wisdom - hardly have a chance. They often lack the motivation to learn, so they drop out of school. Frequently, after struggling to find decent-paying jobs, they end up on welfare. Often they become involved in crime and go to jail. Welfare laws must be reformed to be a safety net for the truly needy without fostering dependence on the government or breaking up the family. Any laws that make it more convenient to get along without the father must be changed to include him. Joan Greig, Aurora, Ohio

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