Turning Points in Civil War

June 25, 1991: Slovenia and Croatia declare independence.June 25: Fighting breaks out as Yugoslav Army sends tanks to Slovenia to crush independence bid. June 28: Federal government and Slovenia agree to cease-fire. June 28: Fighting erupts between Serbs, Croats, and the Serb-led Army in Vojvodina region of Croatia. Oct. 1: Federal Army bombards Dubrovnik from air and sea. Oct. 3: Serbia gains effective control of federal presidency, removing constitutional check on Army of collective presidency. Oct. 7: Yugoslav Army warplanes rocket presidential palace in Zagreb, just missing Croatian and Federal Yugoslav leaders. Nov. 16: Thirteenth EC cease-fire begins. Fighting continues, as federal army extends control over 30 percent of Croatia. Nov. 18: Croats evacuate Vukovar after three-month seige.

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