Deposed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said Sunday that a trade embargo imposed by the Organization of American States (OAS) should be enough to restore democracy in his troubled country."Our main future is the embargo," Aristide said at a news conference at Kennedy airport. "It is not just a word, it's a power, a nonviolent power." Aristide, who was ousted in a military coup Sept. 30, spoke to reporters on his way to Paris, where he is to confer with other leaders of French-speaking nations. "We believe the embargoes will be the best way to put democracy back in Haiti without another kind of solution," Reverand Aristide said. "We accept the embargoes and we want the embargoes." Poor economic conditions in Haiti have sent thousands of refugees fleeing the country by boat, and Aristide maintained the refugees were fearful of the government under interim Prime Minister Jean-Jacques Honorat. The OAS reached an agreement with the current Haitian parliament last week that would restore a constitutional government to Haiti. The agreement calls for negotiations to be held outside Haiti, most likely in Cartagena, Colombia. Although the OAS agreement did not specify Aristide as president, Aristide remained confident that he would return as Haiti's leader. Asked by reporters which position he might take in the government if disallowed the presidency, Aristide laughed and said: "I am the president." Aristide said that once a new constitutional government was in place, he would be willing to welcome back Haitian opposition leaders. But he added it was crucial to rid the Haitian Army of its "criminal element," including Gen. Raoul Cedras, who led the coup.

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