States' stake in gambling

Regarding the article "Three Colorado Towns Gamble on Slot Machines," Oct. 2: I find the spread of gambling in this country to be particularly alarming.It seems to me that the attitude of the 1980s, "spend now, pay later" is still prevalent within our society. Rather than tightening our belts in these rough economic times and exercising "save and invest" principles, we seem to be overindulging in wasteful pastimes such as gambling without much regard for the future. Of course, state governments are not going to discourage this sort of activity because it raises a great deal of money for their coffers, while getting them off the hook of having to raise taxes. But although legalized gambling may help a state's economy in the short term, in the long run it only fills the pockets of a corrupt few. I find the growing trend of legalized gambling disturbing because it signifies a serious lack of committed effort and leadership on the part of our politicians. Douglas K. Parbery, Florence, Ala.

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