A Biblical Science

ONE of the things that has always impressed me about Christ Jesus is his steadfast reliance on the Scriptures. For example, two Gospels tell of the time when he was being tempted by the devil. Both Matthew and Luke report how Jesus answered each temptation with a statement from the Old Testament. At another time, John's Gospel records, the Master told some who wanted to kill him, "Search the scriptures; . . . they are they which testify of me.The Master's love for the Word of God and his ability to see its relevance to daily life never failed. Through his teachings and his example, he showed humanity that the inspired word of the Bible is able to meet every need. And those who would be his followers find it natural to love the Bible. As we search it, we can find answers that will satisfy our hearts and meet our needs. For many people, however, the Bible is a closed book. Modern translations sometimes help to clarify certain points, and many translators have been motivated by a desire to make the Bible more accessible. Yet if our reading of the Bible revolves simply around an intellectual approach, we will not be able to grasp fully the truth that Jesus lived. We need instead to understand the spiritual basis of the Master's ministry of healing. And the Bible is the fountain of truth that we can rely on just as Jesus d id. It can bring hope, joy, and even relief from physical ills now, in this day, at this hour. As we are willing to think of the Bible in this way, it brings us a new understanding of life as wholly spiritual. This understanding leads to the kind of healing the Master practiced and taught to his followers. This new life is, in fact, the only life of the man of God's creating--our genuine selfhood. And it is ours as we realize that Jesus wasn't just teaching a theory or telling his followers about something only he could do. The Master was demonstrating an actual Science--a method of healing that i s based on spiritual law and subject only to God. Under this law, man's spirituality and inseparability from God are unassailable facts. And through his healing works, Jesus showed that understanding man's true, spiritual nature transforms people's lives. I learned the relevance of this point many years ago when I knew nothing about Christian Science. I had asked a Christian Scientist friend, "Do you use the Bible in your Church? She smiled and said, "All the time. A short time later, she gave me a copy of Mary Baker Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. As a student of the Bible, I read this book carefully, looking for insights into the Bible. I found much more than I'd expected. Through Science and Health I began to see the living p resence of Christ, the true idea of God, in my life. And I also understood--gradually--that this power of truth could, and would, transform my life. This transformation took place as my study brought me closer to the Scriptures. I began to feel the impetus behind Jesus' teachings and suddenly to find specific answers to problems in my life. Although I hadn't started reading Science and Health for physical healing, I found that this, too, was occurring. This pattern of healing has continued in the many years since. In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, explains the scientific basis of Christ Jesus' ministry. She writes: "The Scriptures are very sacred. Our aim must be to have them understood spiritually, for only by this understanding can truth be gained. By searching the Scriptures we begin to see God's wonderful promise of love to mankind. As we see the goodness and wholeness of man's true, spiritual nature, we learn more and more that the Bible truly is our trustworthy guide to eternal life.

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