Alternatives to Term Limits

Regarding the column No' to Term Limits," Oct. 24: The growing tide of discussion regarding term limits for federal legislators is healthy and your coverage has been excellent.Two major problems arise when discussing term limits. First, our country needs to find a way of retaining the experience and wisdom of seasoned, responsible, hard-working legislators. Secondly, we need to find a means of countering the power which incumbency confers upon all legislators, good and bad alike. One solution might be to bar legislators from holding a seat for more than two consecutive terms. After two terms a legislator would have to give up his or her seat and go "on sabbatical" for one term. This would create the opportunity for an election contest between nonincumbents at least every two terms. It would also give the newly elected member one term in which to establish a solid reputation while allowing the former member a chance to come back and convince the voters to choose experience and reelect him or her to the congressional seat. Finally, this scheme would balance continuity with change in Congress. Donald J. Clark, Portland, Maine

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