The 'Real' Republican Approach to Family-Leave Legislation

Regarding "Why Family Leave Deserves Republican Backing," Oct. 22: Any true Republican can see that the writer is a Democrat posing as a Republican. Republicans believe that the best government is that which governs least. The Democratic Party stands for the concept of lifetime government protection and control.The author writes as though the public at large has the prerogative to control business and industry in whatever way it pleases; the rights of company owners apparently don't count. The writer supports a congressional family-leave bill granting "exemption for businesses with less than 50 employees" and that sets the time of leave at 12 weeks. For some businesses the proposed legislation may be an unbearable imposition; for others an even more generous accommodation may be possible. We cannot batch companies together according to such arbitrary guidelines. There needs to be voluntary give and take on the part of both employer and employee. Employers already have to pay vacation, sick leave, medical benefits, half of Social Security, unemployment insurance, and meet all sorts of government regulations regarding the workplace. Where does it stop - after initiative to own a business has been stifled by too many controls? Times have changed, but our stand on this issue should remain the same. Time off for family commitments should be worked out on an individual basis, just as it always has been. Winston Stadig, North Kingstown, R.I.

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