More on Hong Kong's Dilemma

I take exception to the editorial cartoon "Forced repatriation explained," Oct. 9, portraying British Prime Minister John Major as the instigator and mainstay of the policy.In fact, the policy of forced repatriation, though distasteful, is not strongly opposed here in Britain. Indeed, it is well-supported in Hong Kong - which is truly at the "sharp end" of the problem. If Americans are so concerned about these Vietnamese immigrants, why don't they offer to resettle them in their own wide open spaces? Attention needs to be focused on possible practical solutions for refugee and economic migration problems. All over the world people are, quite naturally, wishing to improve their political and economic situations. The best help we can give nations facing these situations is to: pay fair prices for their commodities and products; establish systems which preclude manipulation of markets in order to stabilize prices; give technological education appropriate to the country's actual stage of development; help to establish honest banking, efficient administration, and effective water and sewage systems; encourage population control and old-age relief; keep up the constant pressure for democratic government and civil rig hts. J. Cawdron, Orpington, England

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