A glimmer of hope

This column may sound lofty and clear-minded, but women who have experienced years of victimization know that real courage is rarely timely or that simple. The author buys into Thomas supporters' specious argument that Anita Hill should have exposed Thomas's (alleged) behavior at the time.Human nature always moves toward healing and "making things right," so we repress the pain. Ask anyone who works with abused children or spouses. Abusive behavior will never be right, and transferring responsibility to the victim will never heal. The author's suggestions are belittling to victims, and leave all of us sitting on a fence, rather than walking on in liberty. Sudie Butchenhart, Philadelphia Letters are welcome. Only a selection can be published, subject to condensation, and none acknowledged. Please address them to "Readers Write," One Norway St., Boston, MA 02115.

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