What Employers Should Think Twice About

It is discouraging to read the opinion-page column "A Perversion of Justice," Oct. 17, in which the author states that the effect of the heightened awareness of sexual harassment may be that "some male employers, for fear of incurring harassment suits, may find it safer to hire men than women."For shame! Now women can look forward not only to continued harassment, knowing their word will be discounted, but to the likelihood that they will be refused employment altogether because one of them dared to speak up. The fact that the author does not say instead that this heightened awareness may cause some male employers to think twice before sexually harassing a female employee demonstrates once again the insensitivity to and lack of concern for the pain, fear, and frustration women suffer daily in the workplace due to men using their positions of authority to intimidate and harass them. The vote of Congress and the comments of the media obviously indicate that the question of sexual harassment could not override the political expediency of having Justice Thomas confirmed. Indeed, we have seen a perversion of justice. Carol W. Hanson, Bland, Mo.

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