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ANTONIA & JANE Comedy about two women coping with a lifelong friendship that's driven both of them half crazy. British filmmaker Beeban Kidron tells the story in a lively and clever fashion that secures her place among today's most promising young female directors. (Not rated)

THE BUTCHER'S WIFE She's a clairvoyant from the South, and the predictions she makes for her New York neighbors have a way of causing unexpected havoc, especially when they come true. Demi Moore and Jeff Daniels lead a likable cast in this glossy, overcooked comedy, which makes up in slickness what it lacks in wit. Directed by TV veteran Terry Hughes, who seems to think Manhattan is the cleanest place in the world, as well as the folksiest. (Rated PG-13)

LIFE IS SWEET But this movie is bittersweet, showing the troubles and trials as well as the dreams and pleasures of a working-class British family. Characters include an ambitious dad, a self-absorbed mom, and a pair of very different twins, one of whom has developed an obsessive relationship with food and sex. Directed by Mike Leigh, the leading satirist in British film today, with his usual blend of high comedy and penetrating social commentary. (Not rated)

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