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UNITED STATESDowntown Minneapolis celebrated Sunday night as baseball revelers danced in the streets and on sidewalks and swung from light poles to mark the Minnesota Twins' second World Series championship in five seasons. The Twins won a 1-0, 10-inning victory over the Atlanta Braves in Game 7.... It will be months before Democrats officially pick their nominee for president, but Republican Party chairman Clayton Yeutter says he knows who it will be - New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. Yeutter made the comment Sunday on th e CBS-TV program "Face the Nation." ... Despite hard times in the airline industry, a healthy orders backlog and reduced defense losses allowed Boeing yesterday to report a third-quarter profit of $401 million, up 6 percent from the same period in 1990.... Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry has entered federal prison for possessing cocaine. He told supporters he would endure his six-month sentence by drawing strength from God. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC Washington and Seoul have agreed to remove US tactical nuclear weapons from South Korea by the end of April, the Segye Times, a national daily, reported yesterday.... Less than a week after signing a peace agreement, the Phnom Penh government sealed a deal yesterday with the Nawa Oil Company of Hungary to explore for oil in Cambodia.

MIDDLE EAST Israel announced Sunday it would give scholars open access to all of the Dead Sea scrolls. Discovered in 1947 by a Bedouin shepherd, the 2,000-year-old writings are the earliest known version of the Hebrew Bible. About 80 percent of the scrolls have been published, but thousands of fragments had remained the exclusive possession of a few academics. Researchers in the US announced recently that in the absence of permission to inspect the originals, they would work from a series of photographs of the scrol ls and speed up their translation.

ENVIRONMENT AND SCIENCE Ships around the Falkland Islands are threatened by giant icebergs loose in the south Atlantic because of unusually cold weather, meteorologists said yesterday. The nearest of the 12 icebergs, each measuring between 300 and 800 yards in length, is just under 120 miles southeast of the Falklands.

LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN Elections for Congress and provincial governors Sunday were won by Colombia's ruling Liberal Party, which took 56 seats of the 102-member Senate, with 70 percent of the votes counted. But the two-party system that has dominated the country for more than 150 years was smashed. Estimates are that the conservative New Democratic Force will have 10 seats; M-19, a former guerrilla group, will have 9; while two conservative groups will have a total of 15 seats.

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