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ASIA AND THE PACIFICThe Cambodian factions yesterday played down cease-fire violations and voiced confidence that peace would prevail under United Nations auspices. Officials said about 300 soldiers of the noncommunist guerrilla Khmer People's National Liberation Front tried to expand their territory last week before the four warring factions signed a peace accord.... In Tokyo, Kiichi Miyazawa yesterday was elected to succeed Toshiki Kaifu as president of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, and thus as prime minister ( see story, Page 4).... At least two students were killed and 15 wounded yesterday when rival groups fought a gun battle in Bangladesh's Dhaka University. Supporters of pro-government Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal traded fire with members of Bangladesh Chhatra League, the student wing of the opposition Awami League.... Typhoon Ruth, with 125-m.p.h. winds, hit the northern Philippines yesterday, killing four people and causing landslides. MIDDLE EAST Raids by Turkish fighter bombers and troops against rebel Turkish Kurds in northern Iraq entered their third consecutive day yesterday. F-104 Starfighters reportedly bombed the Zap Valley and troops advanced three miles into Iraq opposite the Turkish town of Cukurca.... United States intelligence agencies have discovered that Israel exported key ballistic missile components to South Africa. President Bush has decided to waive sanctions against Israel, the Washington Post reported yesterday.... In anticip ation of the Madrid peace talks this week, about 30,000 Israelis in Tel Aviv demonstrated for peace and territorial compromise Saturday night....British Foreign Office minister Douglas Hogg is due in the United Arab Emirates today to discuss the scandal-hit Bank of Credit And Commerce International. BCCI is 77.4 percent owned by the Abu Dhabi government.

EUROPE AND SOVIET UNION In Moscow, leaders of the 12 Soviet republics met yesterday with representatives of the Group of Seven major industrial nations to discuss foreign credits. Ukrainian Premier Vitold Fokin said Saturday agreement was unlikely on how to divide responsibility for the Soviet Union's huge external debt.... Parliament in the Soviet Central Asian republic of Turkmenia yesterday declared independence, making it the 13th republic to do so since August.... Soviet Defense Minister Yevgeny Shaposhnikov said his count ry's nuclear arsenal, part of which is scattered across republics seceding from Moscow, would remain under Soviet control.... Poles voted yesterday in parliamentary elections that will complete the transition to democracy begun in 1989.... The Yugoslav Army fired on a ferry bringing relief supplies to the besieged port of Dubrovnik, but a cease-fire with Croatian rebels was holding despite the incident. One crewman was wounded.

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