Rhode Island Depositors Protest Bank Payout Plan

AN estimated 500 depositors rallied outside the Statehouse to criticize the state's latest payout plan from banks and credit unions closed since Jan. 1.During Sunday's protest they also attacked the state Investment Commission's week-old decision to invest $87.7 million in acquiring two out-of-state banks and part of a Florida mortgage lender owned by Old Stone Corporation. "It is ironic that our state is using depositors' tax money to rescue federally insured institutions that aren't even in Rhode Island, yet they fail again to rescue their own people," said Jack Kayrouz, head of the Citizens for Depositors' Rights organization. The rally was the first since Gov. Bruce Sundlun's plan to pay more than $84 million to depositors at four closed banks and credit unions was announced. Payouts at five other closed institutions were postponed until at least Nov. 4. Protesters said they will support nothing short of a plan that pays all depositors fully and immediately. "The banking crisis [highlights] a more sinister crisis - a crisis of government itself," said depositor William Simeone.

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