Environmental sexism

Regarding the opinion-page column "Manliness and Mother Earth," Oct. 3: The author accurately links our warrior-like behavior with our utter lack of concern for our habitat and its ailments.But in remedying this situation, the author uses shockingly irresponsible language. We do indeed need to destroy the "manly" bias of our priorities, but are men alone capable of and responsible for solving our environmental challenges? Humanity has caused the mess, and must now clean up after itself. Our poor planet certainly needs a little kind stewardship from all humans, but we must move beyond the Biblical image of a steward as a "man" entrusted to take care of things, as well as our cultural notion of nurturing and healing being exclusively women's work. Bravo for addressing such an urgent issue, but shame for using irresponsible language that does a vast disservice to all the women who have worked and continue to work to save our threatened home. Gail L. Carlson, Madison, Wis.

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