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THE ARCHITECTURE OF DOOM - Starting with the unlikely subject of Hitler's ideas about art and architecture, this superb German documentary traces connections between politics, ideology, and aesthetics in the Third Reich and beyond. The evidence ranges from archival footage to clips from Nazi cinema, and all of it is fascinating. Written and directed by Peter Cohen, and narrated by Bruno Ganz. (Not rated)DECEIVED - A woman starts to suspect that her husband isn't as upright as she thought, then discovers that he may be a total and dangerous fraud. Goldie Hawn gives her all to this hard-working thriller, but the screenplay is so hackneyed that her performance cannot save it. Written by Mary Agnes Donoghue and Derek Saunders; slickly directed by Damian Harris. (Rated PG-13) DOGFIGHT - A woman accepts a party invitation from a young Marine, not knowing he hopes to win a bet by showing up with the least-attractive date. They fall in love during the long night that follows, however, and we learn there's more to both of them than first impressions revealed. The movie was directed by Nancy Savoca, who showed much promise in "True Love," her previous film. There are times when she brings the screen alive with finely expressed feelings, and other times when Bob Comfort's ragged s creenplay utterly defeats her. (Rated R)

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