Economic and moral rebound

In the article "Black Conservatives Articulate Alternative View of Civil Rights," Sept. 23, economist Walter Williams is quoted saying that it is "immoral" for "the government to be in the business of confiscating the property of one American and giving it to another American to whom it does not belong."Dr. Williams is quite right. The act of taking property by force from innocent people is immoral. Another term for this act is "theft" and the fact that a majority has democratically approved of the thievery doesn't make it any less immoral. Socialism or governmental redistribution of wealth in any form, no matter how well-intentioned, is always doomed to failure because of its immoral basis. The standard of living around the world will improve only as we stop bickering over communist/capitalist labels and instead start basing all of our daily decisions and action on their morality - on their honesty, generosity, tolerance, and obedience to the golden rule. This is a rebound, both moral and economic, that every citizen of the world can take part in. Susan Kell, Blacksburg, Va.

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