'A more universal charity'

Regarding the opinion-page article "Israel and the US: A Crisis of Confidence," Sept. 13: One must question a logic that avers that our friendship and loyalty to Israel would be diminished because a former foe (the Soviet Union) is no longer a serious threat in that region. There is much more than that binding our countries together.My heart is very much moved by the suffering which the Soviet people, and especially the Jews, have endured. Should we not, however, broaden our sense of charity to include the other millions within the Soviet Union who are also suffering? The US has a very big heart, which embraces Jews, Arabs, and all our other fellow beings - whatever their religious persuasions. While it may be admirable that Israel wants to welcome the Soviet Jews into their tiny country, the wisdom of attempting to finance such a mass migration is dubious. We have much in common with the people of Israel and the affections run deep, but we are beginning to recognize and to seize the opportunity to express a more universal charity and to lead others in that direction as well. Old positions need to be challenged. Charles Stocking, Perrysburg, Ohio

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