East German spy chief Markus Wolf was arrested at the German-Austrian border on Sept. 24 and brought to the city of Karlsruhe. He is wanted in Germany on charges of spying, treason, and corruption.Mr. Wolf, East Germany's head of espionage for 33 years, fled to the Soviet Union shortly before unification last year. After the Soviet coup, he went to Austria, where he sought political asylum, but was refused. It was under this "master spy watch that East Germany succeeded in planting an agent, Guenther Guillaume, among the top aides to West German Chancellor Willy Brandt. The chancellor resigned when the scandal erupted in 1974. Wolf was to appear Sept. 24 before a judge in Karlsruhe, where it was to be decided whether he would be held in custody or freed on bail. Wolf said repeatedly that he wanted to come back to Germany. In an interview with the German magazine Bunte, Wolf said he was ready to face charges but hoped that the German constitutional court would find that it is illegal to try him for acts which were legal under East German law.

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