SUNDAYRunaway Father (CBS, 9-11 p.m.): A woman thinks her husband's dead, then discovers he's not only alive but enjoying life incognito. It's an old plot device, but this TV movie uses a true case as the basis of its drama about Pat Bennett, the mother of three girls. Deserted by her husband and forced to go on welfare, she went on to get a college degree - and also began a court battle that broke new ground about a deserting parent's duties. WEDNESDAY First Flights (A&E cable, 9-9:30 p.m.): When Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon - can it really be 22 years ago? - his path had been laid by a line of aviation pioneers going way back to the days of cloth-covered planes. It's rare for Mr. Armstrong - test pilot, combat airman, aircraft engineer - to do TV, but he is host of the series premiering here. Maybe the theme was irresistible: reliving aviation's big moments through authentic recreations of the actual events.

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