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HOT SHOTS! - They're fliers who work hard, play hard, and generate a surprising number of laughs as they careen through a predictably silly adventure. "Airplane!" was the common ancestor of all recent parodies in this vein, and like that truly hilarious farce, this one gets a lot of its momentum not by violating old Hollywood cliches, but rather by being true to them, only adding ridiculous twists whenever possible. "Airplane!" veteran Jim Abrahams was the director, and the usually serious Charlie Sheen heads the high-spirited cast. (Rated PG-13)

MARQUIS - The infamous Marquis de Sade is the main character of this peculiar film, in which human performers dressed as barnyard animals enact his prison-bound fantasies and experiences, while France plunges into revolution outside the Bastille's walls. Henri Xhonneux directed the sometimes raunchy French production, which was designed by the imaginative Roland Topor. (Not rated)

NAKED TANGO - A young woman escapes her deadening marriage by pretending to be killed in a shipboard accident, then immediately falls into the clutches of a handsome but menacing new lover and his family. The action is overripe, overheated, and overwrought, but it has a certain weird pizazz if you can look past its vulgarities and tune into its deliberately frenzied wavelength. Directed by Leonard Schrader. (Rated R)

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