Israeli immigration

The series "The New Israelis: Soviet Jewish Immigrants," July 25, 26, 29, 30, and Aug. 1, is most informative but also disturbing. Even Israeli officials admit that the overwhelming majority of Soviet Jews would not have chosen to go to Israel had they been able to go somewhere else, such as the US or Western Europe.Fifteen Israeli peace leaders and academics recently wrote an open letter to Congress, saying US aid is making it possible for Israel to pursue its policy of gradually annexing the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They argue that Israel cannot both absorb the Soviet and other immigrants and continue building settlements in the territories. The letter asks Congress to make the $10 billion loan guarantees Israel will soon request conditional on an cessation of all settlement activity, calling this "the greatest service the USA could render Israel at the present moment." Mary Appelman, Downers Grove, Ill.

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