The new Argentine agenda

The article "Argentines Ask If US Tack Is Worth the Cost," June 20, seems to distort present-day facts and is not the true story of current Argentine-United States relations. It reports the attitude of a group of Argentine people, which I believe is small and in a minority, who do not want to see Argentina recover or have good US-Argentine relations.I believe that Ambassador Terence Todman is doing one of the best jobs that a US ambassador to Argentina has done in a long time. He is doing so not only because he is good in his own right, but because the Argentine government wants him to be successful, and wants the policy that they are inaugurating to be successful. Mr. Todman is only a catalyst. You need a government that wants to do business in order to have a good ambassador. President Carlos Menem is doing today what I believe President Juan Peron should have done 40 years ago when Argentina was rich and prosperous, and that is to develop the great talent the Argentine people have for doing business, while enjoying Western values rather than a socialist society. Lawrence W. Levine, New York

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