The True Cost of Military Spending

The column's criticism of those who questioned the wisdom of going to war and those who felt that too much victory celebration was uncalled for betrays a basic misunderstanding of the principles of free speech in a democracy. The fact that critics of victory parades are in the minority doesn't necessarily make their opinions wrong.As we begin to gain some distance from the shooting war in the Gulf, we need to continue to ask the questions that might prevent our involvement in another war. Was the war really such a victory? From the military standpoint there is little doubt, but what have the positive results been? We must ask ourselves questions about the tragic environmental damage and the terrible loss of life. Many Americans feel that using war to settle international problems is wrong and will only lead to other wars. Some believe the money spent on too many parades could have been better spent on dealing with some of America's difficult domestic problems. Standing up for the principles you believe in is never wrong. Daniel W. Schiavone, Ketchum, Idaho

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