Anonymity and Campaign Financing

Regarding the article "Congress Takes Stab Again at Campaign Financing Reform," May 21: Persons campaigning for office should be required to create blind accounts. Those wishing to contribute to a campaign could give whatever amount they wished, made payable to a particular account number. The candidate drawing from the account would be prohibited from knowing the size and source of any particular contribution. Politicians might then make decisions based on what is right and not cater to those who made t

he largest donations.

Eric C. Welch, Forreston, Ill.

A time to play, and learn

I must take issue with the article "A Prayer for Time to Pray," May 21. While I agree with the premise that our young people need more time for church activities, the author's plea for canceling sports activities so they may attend church misses the point.

Aside from the fact that religious activities of different denominations can occur at a variety of times over a weekend, there is a logistical problem in scheduling playing facilities for the use of our young people. Also, a majority of the participants probably would not attend church, even if "time" were available. The coaches and other adults involved in athletics often fill this void by teaching the youngsters values we all need in life. So let's do our best to accommodate when we can, but not force

young people to go to church.

Harry H. Westbay III, Alexandria, Va.

Undermining democratization in Africa

The article "Putting a Price on Democracy in Africa," May 23, illustrates a fundamental problem with US attitudes toward Africa. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Herman Cohen has spoken often of the need to require democratization in return for aid. But this requirement undermines the process! For example, as the debate rages in Tanzania over whether to introduce a multiparty system, the most persuasive argument against the system is that it is being imposed from the outside. This stimulates nati o

nalist opposition to multipartyism across the spectrum of political points of view.

Is the demonstration of our "moral superiority" by demanding democracy for aid worth undermining the process?

Dean E. McHenry Jr., Claremont, Calif.

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