Handy Tips for Bird Rescuers

If you find a bird that has fallen out of its nest, put it back in the nest or up high in a nearby bush or tree - the mother will probably find it. After an hour has gone by and no parent has shown up, the bird is an orphan and needs care. You should keep it warm and then call an animal shelter or animal society. If no such society is available try following these guidelines (which also work for injured birds):

First, continue to keep the bird warm. You can hold it gently in your hand or place it in a berry basket lined with facial tissue and on a heating pad (set on low). If it's too big for the berry basket, try putting it in a cardboard box lined with newspaper and covered with netting.

Next, time for some food. Don't ever try to feed a baby bird until it's warmed up. Probably the best thing to feed a bird is watered-down cat food, says Powell. That way the bird gets water and food at the same time. You can use an eyedropper or a toothpick. Just remember to be gentle and have patience.

(Note to parents: Supervision is recommended, and Powell doesn't advise this activity for very young children.)

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