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BEGOTTEN - A journey through blasted territory by an otherworldly mother and son is the subject of this disturbing but bleakly engrossing film by E. Elias Merhige, which wordlessly recalls the spirit of Samuel Beckett's darkest parables. (Not rated)

CITY SLICKERS - In the throes of midlife crisis, three New Yorkers go West and try their hand at the cowboy trade. There are a few amusing moments, provided largely by Jack Palance as a Marlboro Man type, but most of the comedy is a blend of silly slapstick and pallid pop psychology. Ron Underwood directed. (Rated PG-13)

MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE - Madonna's movie career has been a mess until now, but she makes a zesty impression in this documentary about an international concert tour. Energy, flamboyance, and a kind of sublime self-absorption are exactly what fans love about her in public, so it's kind of admirable to see her display the very same qualities behind the scenes, like any earnest professional who wouldn't dream of leaving work behind at the end of the day. The film contains a great deal of rude, crude, and outra g

eously vulgar behavior, but it's too childish and self-congratulatory to be very shocking. In all, this is the most revealing and entertaining rock-music picture in ages. Alek Keshishian directed it, and retained control over the editing, an essential fact that saves the movie from being a mere vanity production for Madonna herself. (Rated R)

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