African Foreign Ministers Hold to S. Africa Sanctions

ARFICAN foreign ministers, meeting before today's opening of the Organization of African Unity summit, have adopted a hard-line resolution against South Africa. Ministers called Saturday night for sanctions to be maintained and accused the Pretoria government of orchestrating the wave of black-on-black violence in South African townships.

The resolution is certain to lead to a heated debate among OAU presidents deeply divided on relations with South Africa.

Delegates said many leaders were certain to want the tough wording softened at the June 3-5 summit.

The text of the resolution, made available to Reuters, condemned OAU countries that have established diplomatic or other high-level official relations with Pretoria.

Referring to apartheid as ``abject and inhuman,'' the resolution said South African President Frederik de Klerk's limited reforms of the past two years were the result of international and domestic pressure, including armed struggle.

Pretoria says that it trades with all but one of the 51 OAU members, including its harshest critics.

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