1927: Death of King Ferdinand. His son Carol renounces throne. Grandson Michael, age 6, assumes monarchy. 1930: Carol returns and takes the throne, in light of economic and political tensions.

1930-40: Crown Prince Michael is educated, given military training. Nazi elements in government force King Carol to abdicate.

1940: Michael, age 19, takes throne but can do little in face of dictator Ion Antonescu.

1941: Antonescu declares war on the Soviet Union.

1943-44: King enters secret negotiations with the Allies to transfer Romania's allegiance. King orders arrest of Antonescu and calls on people of Romania to drive Nazis out.

1945-46: King unsuccessfully fights communist takeover in Romania.

Dec. 31, 1947: King is forced to sign abdication.

Jan. 3, 1948: King and Queen Mother leave Romania by train with few possessions.

1949-89: King leads quiet life in West with wife, Princess Anne, and children. Family's assets having been confiscated in Romania. King works as a farmer, jet-equipment tester, electronics entrepreneur, and stockbroker.

Dec. 21, 1989: In radio broadcast, calls on people of Romania to overthrow dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Dec. 25: Ceausescu and his wife executed after trial.

April 1990: King is prevented from visiting Romania.

December 1990: King is expelled from Romania hours after entering country for first time in more than 40 years.

1990 to present: King visits Western capitals to try to drum up support for restoration of Romania's constitutional monarchy.

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