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C'EST LA VIE - Nobody seems to be counting, but this must be the millionth French comedy-drama about an adolescent's bittersweet coming-of-age. Diane Kurys directed the story, which doesn't rise to the level of her excellent ``Entre Nous,'' although it's far more convincing than her recent ``A Man in Love.'' (Not rated)

A RAGE IN HARLEM - A woman moves from Mississippi to New York City, with a parcel of stolen gold in her possession and a gang of nasty criminals on her trail. Bill Duke directed this mixture of high energy and low vulgarity, which doesn't do justice to the talents of its mostly black cast, including Robin Givens as the heroine, and the gifted Forest Whitaker as a decent man who befriends her. There's some sensational 1950s music on the sound track if you listen closely. (Rated R)

THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY - It's a small Henry Moore sculpture, and its owners are tempted to sell it to pay the bills their high living has accumulated; but a poor hotel employee is captivated by its loveliness and purloins it from under their noses. This comedy-drama has an interesting premise, contrasting shallow materialists with underprivileged working-class people. But the picture doesn't realize its own possibilities, and much of the screenplay is flat. Written and directed by Michael Lindsay -Hogg. (Rated R)

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