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UNITED STATES Speaking at Boston University, former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze urged graduates to ``never lose sight'' of the cause of humanity. Shevardnadze said the US and the Soviet Union must work together to tackle worldwide environmental problems.... In Los Angeles, Police Sgt. Stacey Koon, indicted in the Rodney King beating, called for the resignation of Police Chief Daryl Gates, saying the chief has ``prostituted'' the d epartment's principles in his fight to hold onto his job.... New York Mayor David Dinkins spent Sunday defending his drastic proposals to close a massive city budget gap. Dinkins has ordered $1.5 billion in cuts and 29,000 layoffs of municipal employees.


In Turkey, Kurdish refugees refused to return to their homes in the Iraqi provincial capital of Dahuk until rebel leaders win long-term political security guarantees from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. A UN convoy yesterday ferried food across coalition lines to Dahuk, establishing a UN presence in the city.... The Christian Lebanese Forces militia in Lebanon started shipping arms to Israel in line with a government str ategy to disband militia operations. Christian and Muslim militias recently disbanded military operations in and around Beirut in line with a government strategy to reestablish authority, law, and order after 16 years of lawlessness and civil warfares.


In Moscow, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Russian leader Boris Yeltsin agreed that a new union treaty is needed. Gorbachev promised the new treaty would give the republics greater economic and political independence.... The Soviet legislature yesterday resumed discussion on a bill to allow free travel and emigration.... In Yugoslavia, residents across the Krajina region of Croatia voted in a referendum on joining Serbi a, the largest Yugoslav republic.... Albanian Prime Minister Fatos Nano arranged to meet British Foreign Office officials during a visit to London yesterday, signaling a possible reopening of diplomatic relations after a 45-year chill.... About 200 North African immigrants were arrested in Brussels over the weekend during the worst racial rioting ever seen in the normally placid Belgian capital. Immigrant community leaders blamed police for t he trouble.


In Seoul, scores of radical students fought their way into the headquarters of South Korea's ruling party yesterday, shouting slogans demanding the resignation of President Roh Tae Woo.... In Canberra, Australia, Adm. Charles Larson, commander of US forces in the Pacific, warned yesterday that the Soviet military capability in the region is growing and still poses a threat to US interests.

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