Fifty teachers recently put together these views about the future of education in the United States. In "more than 20 but less than 100 years" they envision that: Schools will be "campus-style community learning centers," including sports centers, a public library, medical and social support services, language laboratories, gardens, and greenhouses.

Community mentors, coming from all walks of life, will play a vital role in supporting the education of students. They will help students carry on investigative work.

Education schools will move from colleges to public-school settings, allowing for collaboration between new and experienced teachers and research-oriented professors.

Businesses will play an important role in education. Among other things, they will offer classes in financial and career planning, accept student interns and apprentices, provide employees as teachers, and offer day-care services.

Existing boards of education will be replaced by "planning teams" that include educators, business people, parents, and other community members.

A "United League of Teachers," including active and retired teachers, will serve as an international lobbying and support group based at the United Nation.

After three years of teaching, new teachers will be able to participate in a national or international teacher exchange program. Every five years teachers will be eligible to travel again.

School will operate year round.

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