Even as United States troops return from the Persian Gulf, sales of yellow ribbons continue to boost business for Edward Jacobson Inc., one of the nation's largest ribbon manufacturers, says Michael Mattern, a company spokesman. Although there was a lull after the coalition ground-war victory, business has picked up again as Americans welcome the soldiers home.

The yellow ribbons are dangling from car antennas, collaring dogs, garnishing doors of churches and schools, and streaking throughout neighborhoods from New York to Los Angeles.

In January, the company reached its peak output of yellow ribbons, Mr. Mattern says.

Yellow ribbons are only part of the business activity this war has generated. Operation Desert Shield T-shirts, lighters, bumper stickers, and flags could be found in most variety stores.

Concord Industries in Wilson, Conn., sold thousands of brass pins that depict the American flag with a yellow ribbon. The company sold its quarter-sized pins to nationwide drugstore chains, such as CVS and Walgreens, and to May Company department stores.

Hechts, a May unit, resold these pins and donated proceeds to the Red Cross Persian Gulf campaign.

Until the last soldier comes home, yellow ribbons are expected to continue adorning the doors of households, schools, and churches. And businesses will keep stocking the shelves.

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