Hostages Held in Lebanon

Terry Anderson American journalist kidnapped Mar. 16, 1985. Islamic Jihad, a pro-Iranian group, claimed responsibility.

Thomas Sutherland A dean at the American University of Beirut, also held by Islamic Jihad. Kidnapped on June 9, 1985.

Joseph Cicippio Kidnapped Sept. 12, 1986 by Revolutionary Justice Organization from the American University of Beirut.

Alan Steen American professor kidnapped Jan. 24, 1987 by Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine.

Jesse Turner American kidnapped with Alan Steen from US-affiliated Beirut University College.

Edward Austin Tracy American. Revolutionary Justice Organization claimed responsibility on Oct. 21, 1986.

John Patrick McCarthy British journalist kidnapped April 17, 1986. Revolutionary Commando Cells claimed responsibility.

Alec Collett British journalist abducted Mar. 25, 1985.

Terry Waite Anglican Church envoy disappeared Jan. 20, 1987.

Jack Mann Retired British pilot missing since May 12, 1989.

Heinrich Streubig and Thomas Kemptner German aid workers.

Alberto Molinari Italian businessman abducted Sept. 11, 1985.

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