Salvadorans Back Rightist Party in Peaceful Vote

EL SALVADOR'S ruling rightist party claimed a ``resounding victory'' Sunday in the first elections in 11 years of civil war not sabotaged by leftist guerrillas. Initial results for the legislative and mayoral elections confirmed victories for ARENA at more than 60 polling centers.

The Christian Democratic Party of the late President Jos'e Napole'on Duarte appeared to have polled the second-highest number of votes, and the leftist coalition Democratic Convergence the third, according to unofficial results.

Election day was largely peaceful, but was marred by the deaths of nine rebels of the Farabundo Mart'i National Liberation Front and three soldiers in the extreme north and east, military sources said. The FMLN had declared a three-day truce for the elections but said its forces would defend themselves if attacked.

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