The Soviet ambassador to Britain disclosed Moscow's proposals to negotiate an Iraqi withdrawal, The Times newspaper reported. It listed the main points given by envoy Leonid Zamyatin as:

Stage One:

Complete, unconditional Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait. Baghdad to announce acceptance, begin withdrawal; cease-fire comes into force.

Moscow guarantees no attack on retreating Iraqi troops.

Stage Two:

Reparations; annexation of Kuwait annulled; peace and security established in the region. Issues such as prisoners of war to be discussed after withdrawal.

All parties guarantee Iraq's territorial integrity.

International community to deal with Arab-Israeli conflict.

No Soviet promise to lift arms embargo on Iraq.

With the fate of the proposal still undecided at press time, US forces yesterday were mounting new aerial reconnaissance and attack missions north of the Saudi border. Helicopter gunships wiped out an Iraqi radar site and anti-aircraft installation, a Pentagon official said.

``US forces were very active in the air and quiet on the ground,'' said the official, who spoke on condition that he not be identified.

He spoke as US-led coalition forces continued to bring pressure on Iraqi forces massed along the Kuwait and Iraq borders with Saudi Arabia.

The official said the US command was pleased with the results of the continuing air offensive against Iraq and occupied Kuwait.

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