South African Families: Crucible for Change

The last year has seen a sea change in South Africa's politics and its way of life. Families are the testing ground where the country's future is being decided. The Monitor's southern Africa correspondent, John Battersby, has spent the past few months getting to know five South African families to find out how reforms of apartheid have affected their lives and their visions of the future.

Today: The Balulas are a middle-class black family that contends with violence-wracked township life. Feb. 15: The Breytenbachs are Afrikaners who are concerned that reforms will undermine white security.

Feb. 19: The Lamolas, among 7 million blacks without housing, doubt the value of negotiations.

Feb. 21: The De Beers are a mixed-race family forced to identify with the black cause because of apartheid.

Feb. 22: The Bannatynes are British-descended South Africans who say it is not too late to build a democracy.

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