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FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER - During the war in Southeast Asia, two American pilots decide to bypass their government's wimpy prohibition against bombing North Vietnam and launch their own private raid. Since the film was directed by John Milius, whose Neanderthal view of combat has sparked movies from ``Conan the Barbarian'' to ``Red Dawn,'' they end up heroes instead of outcasts. The picture's slick production values can't disguise its glorification of vengeance, aggression, and chauvinism, qualities so prevalent in today's real world that we don't need more of them on the wide screen. (Rated PG-13)

MEN OF RESPECT - Macbeth joins the Mafia in this modern-day gangster epic based on Shakespeare's tragedy. John Turturro plays an ambitious New York thug who murders his way to the top of a crime family, prodded by his diabolical wife. Directed by newcomer William Reilly with lots of shadows, omens, and thunderstorms. He shows strong promise as a filmmaker, but the picture would work better if he'd decided more firmly whether he meant it seriously or as a send-up; the action veers between both extremes. (Rated R)

TAXI BLUES - The relationship between a Moscow cab driver and a jazz musician is at the center of this Soviet-French tragicomedy, which explores territory of bigotry and class conflict that has been conspicuously absent from Soviet cinema in the past. Written and directed with ferocious energy, and a regrettably uneven tone, by Pavel Lounguine, who was named best director for this picture at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. (Not rated)

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