Speaker Sets His Priorities For Incoming Congress

THE most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives has listed his priorities for the Congress that convenes Jan. 3. At a breakfast with reporters House Speaker Thomas Foley (D) of Washington said the issues are: Health care: Congress has no ``definitive program'' that it will consider, but ``a very active, stepped-up debate on health care is going to occur in this Congress.''

Infrastructure: Many US roads and bridges need repairs.

Education: President Bush's education goals, approved in 1990 by governors and Congress: ``I don't think are going to be realized by the end of this century.''

Civil rights bill: ``Congress will take it up again this year.''

Family leave: It ``is going to be a prominent effort on [Democrats'] part.''

Campaign finance reform: ``We are going to try to get a bill that can pass into law,'' meaning one acceptable not only to the Democratic-controlled Congress but also to the GOP president.

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