An weekly update of film releases LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA - The adventures of a very bad Soviet rock band, driving through the US on its way to a Mexican wedding it's been hired to serenade. Directed by Finnish wunderkind Aki Kaurism"aki, this comedy is as silly and as funny as they come. (Rated PG-13)

LISTEN UP: THE LIVES OF QUINCY JONES - Documentary about the talented jazz composer, edited in a relentlessly flashy way that appears to be inspired by MTV; this style reduces every issue raised by the film, important or trivial, to the same level of eye-popping but brain-numbing entertainment. Only a segment recalling the years of Jim Crow segregation in the South generates much lasting power. Directed by Ellen Weissbrod. (Rated PG-13)

WHITE PALACE - Yuppie falls in love with older working-class woman. American movies are generally shallow and superficial when they try to probe class issues, and this sex-preoccupied drama is no exception. James Spader gives a nuanced performance as the hero, though. Luis Mandoki directed. (Rated R)

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