A weekly update of film releases THE DESPERATE HOURS - Desperately bad, and it certainly seems like hours before the psychopaths stop tormenting the innocent household they've barged into. Directed by Michael Cimino, whose career stretches from the heights of ``The Deer Hunter'' to the depths of ``Heaven's Gate'' and this appalling opus. (Rated R)

THE MAN INSIDE - Drama based on the true story of a journalist who infiltrated a right-wing West German tabloid. An exciting and important story, turned to unintentional farce by poor acting, scripting, and filmmaking. Bobby Roth directed from his own screenplay. (Rated PG)

TUNE IN TOMORROW... - A young man romances a distantly related ``aunt'' who's considerably older, and strikes up a friendship with an eccentric soap-opera writer who thinks afternoon radio is the greatest art form. Based on Mario Vargas Llosa's effervescent novel ``Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter,'' which the filmmakers bend sadly out of shape, oversimplifying the story and squelching the vivid characterizations. Directed by Jon Amiel. (Rated PG-13)

VINCENT & THEO - The complex relationship between Vincent van Gogh and his brother. This is Robert Altman's most compelling and accomplished film since the glory days of ``MASH'' and ``Nashville,'' with a memorably sharp performance by Tim Roth and a brilliant color scheme that van Gogh would surely cheer. It offers no convincing reason for yet another look at the familiar van Gogh story, however, and falls disappointingly short of Altman's very best work. (Rated PG-13)

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